Greetings from The Powder Keg

Hello out there! In November 2010, started as a way to break up the doldrums of working at a job where I was no longer challenged to learn anything new. I decided to start a website to teach myself more about html, search engine optimization, and all kinds of other geeky stuff. And, while I AM a giant geek, I knew that in order to hold my interest, the site needed to focus on something I love, that would teach me wonderful trivia that would complement my tech-geek adventure.

Powder compacts.

In part, you can blame my husband, Tim. I had been collecting vintage compacts for a while. I had been whining about work for a while. I had been puttering around with other people’s websites for a while. Standing in the parking lot at the infamous Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, Mass at a late summer car show, Tim looked at a bunch of rockabilly retro vixens and pointed out, “I bet they’d buy vintage compacts. You could start your own compact website.”

The idea stuck. I started playing with code. And PayPal. And various free html editors. And, of course, more compacts. Compacts I found that didn’t quite feel like mine–things that were cool, maybe, or interesting, but not within the parameters of my own personal aesthetic. Compacts I knew some other girl would love more than I would.  

In 2010, I launched

In 2011, I actually started selling a few pieces and figuring out the back-end web stuff I wanted to get to understand. It paid off and helped me land a great new job, which ate up all the time I had planned to spend promoting the hell out of TPK at various car shows, bowling alleys, vintage festivals and what-have-you.

This year, I’m more confident. I’m secure in my still somewhat new job. And I’m on a mission to bring vintage compacts to women everywhere who appreciate their form, function, and fabulousness. And blog about some other vintage awesomeness while I’m at it.


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