Green with envy: Depression glass

Depression glass pitcher

Green depression glass pitcher used to hold wooden spoons.

Over the weekend, my amazing husband tore apart our kitchen and cleaned everything…including my favorite Depression glass pitcher. My fascination with Depression glass started when I was about 8 years old. One of my grandmothers had handed down some plain green glass dishes to my mother. We used them on the weekends for sandwiches. I loved the color and how the light came though them, not to mention being mature enough to be trusted with a REAL GLASS plate…not plastic like we used at my other grandmother’s house.

I didn’t learn what Depression glass was until much later, when the love for clear green glass ran deep in my blood. When I got my first apartment, my mother passed on the green glass plates I loved so much. I found this pitcher while antiquing one day and knew it belonged in my kitchen. That may have been three or four kitchens ago, but my love for pale green Depression glass has endured.

In our current kitchen, the pitcher sits by the stovetop–the perfect receptacle for wooden spoons and other implements of cooking construction.  (The spoon in the front actually belonged to my grandfather, I remember using it to make brownies together.) I love small touches like this as accents. We use empty clementine crates with retro labels to store snack foods–another detail that gives our kitchen a vintage feel.


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