Gray vintage purse

What’s in your vintage purse?

On her blog Oh, for the love of vintage! Black Dahlia asked “What’s in your vintage handbag?”

Maybe better questions for me: “What ISN’T in your vintage bag?” or “What vintage bag are you carrying today?” I have at least three in heavy rotation. Today’s favorite: A pearly gray number with a suede band along the top edge and a lovely silver clasp.

No matter what bag I’m carrying, you’ll find the following inside:

Gray vintage purse

One of my favorite vintage handbags, with contents.

  • (From back right corner) wallet
  • Tide to-go pen, because I spill something on myself at least once a week
  • powder: here some Clinique in a miniature compact
  • nail clippers
  • vintage vanity case or compact, switched out to suit my moods. Currently carrying a navy vanity case with a viking ship on it to remind me to conquer at work.
  • fortune from my favorite Chinese restaurant: “We all live under the same sky, but we don’t see the same light.” Different bags carry different fortunes.
  • pen. Usually pens. When I get up to five, it’s time to clean out the bag.
  • vintage mother-of-pearl cigarette case full of business cards for both the Powder Keg and my day job
  • iPod, nicknamed la petite noisette
  • some form of lip balm
  • lipsticks: Here, MAC Ruby Woo and Viva Glam I plus Revlon In the Red.
  • lip liner
  • gum (Orbit spearmint)
  • crazy awesome toothpick-y dental-floss-ish things my mother-in-law gave me
  • phone. Not pictured because that’s how I’m taking the photo.

I tend to stuff receipts, old grocery lists, and other random debris into my bag, so every few weeks I go through and purge, swap out lipsticks, compacts and pens, or switch bags altogether. I go back and forth with bags, swapping from vintage pieces in neutrals like gray, black and navy to modern purses in bright red or a leopard print.  

So: what’s in your vintage bag?



  1. I realize this is an old post, but I love “what’s in your bag?” articles. I rotate several vintage bags, also (I’m pretty vintage myself, so I actually remember when some of these were in style the first time around). I don’t have time (energy) to set up a pretty photo shoot, but here is a link to my Pinterest board that shows some of my favorite vintage bags and a few of the items I carry. Some of the fun vintage items I carry are a perfume roll-on bottle filled with a new scent, a tissue case (with rhinestones!), eyeglass cases – I use them to hold small items like pens, bandages, etc., and a collapsible cup. There are no pictures on my board, but I also have various vintage compacts and pillboxes. I know there are more, but I can’t think of them right now and I’m too busy (lazy) to go look.

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