Gregg Shorthand

My shorthand book arrived!

My vintage Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified arrived the other day, but this week has been so busy I didn’t really have a chance to examine it properly before now. Next week I’ve got to attend a ton of meetings for work, so I’ll try to start using some of basics when I take notes. Should be good practice…or a total disaster. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The idea of a phonetically-based note-taking system fascinates me. Can I let go of my usual shortcuts and rethink the way I  take notes? Will my shorthand notes make sense to me when I revist them weeks later? I MUST be able to decipher them–I often consult notes from weeks, months, or even years earlierto verify facts or gather relevant quotes for what I’m writing now. Learning this system is a serious commitment.

And it looks so different.

Gregg Shorthand

Gregg Shorthand Simplified: Lesson One


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