Plate Trio-ette

Cat + compact = FAIL.

Cats and compacts: Not always a great combination. Especially when your cats think pushing things off dressers, shelves, tables, etc. is a great way to get attention. Or that frolicking through boxes of vintage  inventory makes for great entertainment.  

Plate Trio-ette

See all the little hobnails around the edges?

Worst cat v. compact clash yet: cat puke on dresser and compact. There’s nothing quite like trying to clean dried vomit out of the details of a 1945 Reuben Blue Plate Trio-ette Cameo (one of my most prized compacts) without damaging the plastic.


A damp cotton swab took care of the larger chunks. For the hobnail edges, I wrapped the tip of a safety pin in a small piece of damp paper towel and gently wiped out as much as I could. I followed up with a toothpick, GENTLY scraping away the stubborn bits. Then I used a soft brush to remove debris. Much better. But I don’t want to have to repeat that exercise. EVER.

My husband pointed out that scattering compacts across my dresser, tucking them in random spots in bookshelves, and generally stuffing them in corners all over my office is not the best way to display them. My system (or lack thereof) does nothing to protect my compacts or show them off as works of decorative art.

For a while, we’ve discussed ways to display the collection. I talk about getting some little shelves for my office. Tim says he’ll make me some. Neither one of us does anything and the compacts remain strewn all over, subject to more feline abuse. 

I’ve been keeping an eye out for something cool during recent antique-store outings, but haven’t stumbled across anything suitable. Today we went out and browsed our local big box home improvement store. None of their wall shelves appealed to me. Online searches also struck out. So, Tim will build me custom shelves, which will probably cost less and look better than anything we would have bought anyway. I’m excited about this–I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Or to stop worrying about cat/compact mayhem.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your cat and your compact! I try and keep mine up on the bookcase and the dresser but our new cat loves exploring so i’m a bit weary of them at the moment. We’ve been looking for a case like this [] to keep and display them in, we managed to find something similar in a flea come antiques store but they were asking way too much for one so the hunt continues!

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