Yardley bee compact

The Yardley bee

Yardley is one of the world’s oldest cosmetics brands, established in England in 1770. Though best known for their lavender soaps and perfumes, cosmetics were an important part of the business as well.  Yardley made many wonderful compacts in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s.

The bee and bubble compact is one of my favorites. I like bees: they symbolize fertility, diligence, and community. It’s easy to see their connection to the lavender flower, another one of my favorites. I look at this compact and think warm weather, sweet scented air, and lemonade out on the deck–maybe with a touch of mint.  The bee looks cheerful, and bubbles are always fun. The whole design makes me smile.

Do you think Yardley planned on that?

Yardley bee compact

A Yardley compact with bee and bubble design.


One comment

  1. I was researching Yardley bees in order to find out the age of an item I am putting in my etsy shop and came upon your blog. It is wonderful and I plan to spend the evening browsing around 🙂

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