Pin-up artists: Peter Driben

Black Dahlia’s post on Elvgren and his nautical pinups inspired me to write about my favorite pin-up artist, Peter Driben. Driben illustrated a number of pulp magazines from the ’30s to the ’50s, including Whisper, Wink, Beauty Parade, Pictorial Movie Fun,  and Titter. His work also appeared in advertising campaigns for Philco radios and movie promotional materials, most notably for The Maltese Falcon.

Wink cover

Wink cover.

The two things I love most about Driben: 1. his girls have CURVES. These dames have some big old hips, and that’s gorgeous. 2. His range. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, sultry, silly, serious, scared…all in his repertoire.

Peter Driben Eyeful cover

One of Driben’s covers for Eyeful.

I have a book called 1000 Pin-Up Girls,  published by Taschen, which features many of Driben’s magazine covers. (It’s also got great illustrations from Billy DeVorss and Earl Steffa Moran, not to mention wonderful photos).

Learn more and see more images at

Beauty Parade cover

A lovely blonde on the cover of Beauty Parade. One of my favorites, perhaps because of her half-done hair.

Beauty Parade brunette

Eyeful cover