Mountain of proofreading

What I’ve been doing this week that has kept me from blogging

..and photographing compacts and coding web pages and basically doing anything other than going home and drooling on myself.

I have been proofreading an 80+ page program guide that had to go to print today. People don’t know how to correctly use grammar, punctuation, capitalization, or any of that other good stuff any more. Proofreading–nay, WRITING well, is becoming a lost art. Which pains me on one hand, because I love good writing, and offers me fantastic job security on the other hand.

Either way, this week has been mind-numbing. 

And I like proofreading.

Next week, when my eyes uncross, I will be back to blogging and sharing compacts and vintage goodness.

Lest you think I exaggerate:

Mountain of proofreading

My mountain of proofreading.



  1. Hey there, it’s Jess over at Some Kind of Wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that I included your blog in my selection for the Leibster Blog Awards. I love your posts!
    Don’t get buried beneath the proofreading! Take a little break and wander over to my site to see all of the details.

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