J.D. McPherson was…

not happening last night.

I know: I told you how excited we were for the show.

Then Tim went to work and I worked from home, waiting for the grill repair guy. Gave myself a mani-pedi so I’d look nice for the show…ironed a dress, picked out shoes, etc. The grill repair guy, who was supposed to show up between one and five, showed up at quarter past five. Whatever. After he left, Tim and I started talking about when we’d have to leave for the show, who’s opening, what do they sound like, why would you choose them to open for J.D., do we want to eat in Boston or eat at home before we leave, blah blah blah logistics….

and we realized that neither one of us really wanted to leave the house. The last few times we’ve planned adventures in Boston, we’ve come home disappointed. Maybe we set ourselves up for disappointment. Maybe we’re too misanthropic. Maybe we’re just old and jaded. We’re ok with that. We own it.

So, as much as we love J.D. McPherson, we stayed home. Our friends Lucas and Bernadette came over, B did my hair in awesome rolls even without having any product in it, the boys made us chili dogs and home-made french fries, and we had a really good time.

To anyone who was expecting a review of the show, I apologize. As consolation, here’s the North Side Gal video I mentioned in my last post. Enjoy.


One comment

  1. We had the pleasure of seeing JD perform at Deke’s guitar geek fest at Viva. He was great! When we tried to see him in the ballroom, it was so packed that we only stayed for one song.
    Sometimes though it’s just so nice to not fight the crowds and just do your own thang! Glad you all enjoyed your evening.

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