confetti compact

Choosing a travelling companion

This may seem like anathema to some collectors, but I actually use most of my compacts.

By “use,” I mean carry them in a purse and check the mirror when I need to touch up my lipstick. Since I rotate so often, it would be a huge pain in the neck to keep powder in them, and I rarely need to powder my face during the day (ironic for a gal who collects POWDER compacts – I know). Sure, there a few items in my collection that never leave the shelf: those that are too old, rare, expensive, or fragile for me to feel comfortable subjecting them to the inside of a purse. For example, my Volupte Golden Gesture hand compact will never get used–this Volupte series of compacts is expensive and they dent if you breathe on them wrong.

I have about 25 compacts that I feel comfortable tossing in my bag. I switch them out as the mood strikes.

But next week, I’ll be on the road. I need to choose one compact to go with me for the week. I have a formal event on Tuesday night, so I’m leaning toward a compact that will work nicely for that. I have my dress from the clothing swap, I found awesome shoes, and got a lovely vintage handbag from ReTraced Steps on Etsy. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it gets here in time.) (Aside: This Etsy seller has a vintage Christmas tree light with ashtrays that reminds me of the Lite-Brite tree my grandmother had when I was growing up. Not exactly the Lite-Brite tree, but still tempting. The Lite Brite tree will get its own blog post closer to the holidays. Back to packing.)

Typically, I try to stick with a color scheme for my wardrobe during work travel so that everything goes together, but this time, my Tuesday clothes just don’t fit into the chosen palette. I don’t think I care enough to try to pick something different at this point. I’m mostly working with black and gray, and my dress for the Awards Gala is blue and silvery with some black. The winner?

confetti compact

My travel companion: a goldtone compact with silver/shell confetti set in black lucite.

One of my favorites. Sparkly, fun, yet sophisticated. Black with hints of silver, gray, and blue or purple in the right light. Also, this compact has a really good mirror. Important when I’m going to be running around in a strange place meeting with customers for four days straight; the last thing I want is to realize I’ve had lipstick on my teeth for hours while trying to make a good first impression.

Compact problem solved. Now: trying to figure out if I can fit a small can of hairspray in my quart-sized zip-top bag so I can attempt to do victory rolls for the gala on Tuesday night. Wish me luck.


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