fran's eyebrows

Beauty confessions

A few quick confessions here.

1. I stink at styling hair. While I love vintage hair styles, I don’t actually wear them as my hair resists all my attempts to coax it into anything other than its naturally pin-straight state.

2. I think professional manicures are a waste. Why would I spend all that money to have someone paint my nails, when I can spend the same amount on a bottle (or two) of polish and do my own nails many, many times? (Even though my nail-polishing skills are only marginally better than my hair-styling abilities.) I also have fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table with my mom and my grandmother as a teenager with all of us doing our own nails. Why didn’t we help each other? Because the women in my family are stubborn and god forbid we should ask for help, that’s why.

3. This year I finally stopped going to Supercuts and found a real salon for the first time in almost a decade. I’m kind of an impulse hair-cutter. Sometimes that’s been ok. Other times, it hasn’t worked out so well – hence the commitment to a salon that encourages stylists to spend more time with their customers.

4. I refuse to wear a bathing suit in front of my co-workers. It’s one thing for me to go to the beach and parade around in front of total strangers or jump in a pool with friends. But people I work with fall somewhere in between…that’s a weird line. And I’m not crossing it. My bikini will not come with me to Orlando.

fran's eyebrows

My paternal grandmother. Yes, I have her eyebrows.

5. I do not trust anyone else to do my eyebrows. When I was about 11, my dad’s mom told me that I had her eyebrows and made me promise to keep them. At the time, I thought she was insane. I had no idea why anyone would want to get rid of their eyebrows. Now I understand what she meant and I’ve done my best to stay reasonably close to Grandma Liskow’s eyebrow shape.

I could keep going here, but five is probably plenty. Especially if I don’t want readers to think I’m a totally nut-job. So, what are some of your beauty quirks?



  1. I have ever-increasingly hooded eyes, especially my right eye. that’s the one that’s been extra watery for a year or so. barring any unknown eye cancer or something equally horrible, my real struggle is getting liquid eyeliner across that right eye without it eventually transferring up to my chubby upper lid. it’s impossible. I’ve tried waterproof, smudgeproof, gel to set, primer, powder, and it will always do it. if both eyes did it, I’d play it off like a weird look I was going for or something. the one pirate eye thing makes me appear to have been socked in the eyeball & it’s frustrating…

  2. I too am an impulse hair cutter. But I have learned not to chop it ALL OFF like I did so many times in college. ha hah! I just ask for a trim–and if I am feeling adventurous-some bangs. TOTALLY agree with you on the nail polish thing. But toenails-I will have a pedicure. They last a LONG time–so they are worth it once or year. ha ha!

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