clothing swap dress

I’m home!

I got home last night and can’t even describe how glad I am to be back. While the conference went well and I got a lot of important work done, I missed Tim and the cats. And poking around online each morning with a liesurely cup of coffee. Thankfully, my boss granted us a marketing holiday today so I can recuperate and blog over my coffee this morning.

While I spent most of the day running around like a mad woman, evenings were a bit more relaxing. Tuesday night we had an awards gala and I got to wear my clothing swap dress.

clothing swap dress

People gave me wonderful compliments on this dress.

I apologize for the blurry photo – iPhone, low lighting, and exhaustion aren’t the best recipe for quality self-portraits. But you can see that it’s a pretty dress. I felt ultra-glamorous, and it must have showed because a number of people complimented me and told me I looked great. One person even told me I looked like I stepped out of the 1920s, which made my night.

The hotel was stunning. This place could have fit in during the early part of the 20th century when the rich and famous lived in hotels. Just beyond the lobby on the way to the elevators there was a large birdcage with a family of zebra finches in it…that struck me as an interesting and somewhat odd detail. The birds made cheerful little chirping noises. While birds normally render me slightly uncomfortable up close, these made me smile.

Wednesday evening my company rented out a section of Universal Studios for several hours. Everyone at the conference got to go on rides for free. I discovered that a number of my coworkers are roller coaster fanatics. I love roller coasters, but have passed the age where I can ride repeatedly without suffering nausea. I did go on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit twice (with a looong break between rides) and Revenge of The Mummy. I loved both.

While I was away, all kinds of goodies arrived in the mail:

  • the lovely little purse I bought on etsy
  • the banner Bernadette made for me
  • our passports, in plenty of time for our trip to Japan this summer.

Good stuff. Today I’ll unpack, do some sort of exercise (because really, it’s been way too long), tidy up the house, and catch up on Powder Keg photography and posting. Ahhh. So nice to be home.


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