May 2012 Hideous Handbag

Hideous Handbags: a new series

One of the hallmarks of the fashion icon: a tasteful, stylish handbag. It would seem simple to get that right.

But alas, so many bags stray so far from the boundaries of good taste that I can’t bite my tongue any more. On the first Sunday of each month, we’ll reflect on hideous handbags. Vintage, modern, large, small, formal, casual…the bag need only meet two criteria.

1. It must be some form of bag. Whether you call it a purse, pocketbook, tote, or clutch, as long as it’s a bag, it qualifies.

2. It must be ugly.

While I’ll start the conversation, reader submissions are welcome. Email photos of the bag to along with a brief editorial on its flaws. I’ll incorporate your submission into the following month’s Hideous Handbags post. Thanks for your contributions.

Our inaugural entry:

May 2012 Hideous Handbag

The inaugural hideous handbag. I will try to find words to describe why this is wrong.

This gold might be fine on a smaller scale, but in a gargantuan purse, it’s overwhelming. I’ll bet the gal who carries this could land aircraft with it on a sunny day. In addition to the main gold, we’ve also got the gold Flavor Flav-style medallion hanging off the handle on the right and some other gold frilliness strapped to the left side of this beast. Neutral straps can only go so far in attempting to convey good taste. In this case, not far enough.

I also can’t decide if it’s supposed to belong to a stripper or a granny from Boca.

Enough. Back to the realms of tasteful vintage.

In the meantime, send me photos of any fantastically disastrous bags you come across, and tune in next month for another post on hideous handbags.



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