cherry pin

Antiquing adventure

On Saturday, Tim and I went to visit his parents for a Cinco de Mayo celebration – we made a ton of food and fed his family and several neighbors. At some point after all our prep work was done and before it was time to actually start cooking, I convinced my mother-in-law to go poke around Jeffrey’s Antiques Coop.

Some of the lovely things we saw:

lucite bags

some lovely lucite purses.

teal clock

A gorgeous clock.

more lucite purses

even more lucite purses.

My mother-in-law also pointed out a number of pin-up items and compacts for me – she knows what I like! But my favorite find was this cherry pin:

cherry pin

Austrian cherry pin with glass leaves and a small red rhinestone.

I’ve been doing some research and discovered that my pin was probably made in the 1950s–apparently, Austrian fruit pins are collectible in their own right. I just love cherries! Most of the pins I’ve seen have fruit made out of glass. But the cherries in my pin appear to be some form of plastic. Black Dahlia’s hot water test didn’t yield any odors, so it’s probably not bakelite or celluloid. No matter what, I love it. Before wearing, however, I’m going to take it to my jeweler to have all the prongs checked. I wouldn’t want to lose any stones. Maybe he can even give me a little more information.



  1. Your pin is one of the nicest I have seen in ages! There were lots of Fruits brooches made in Austria in the 1950s and it may just be that your “Cherries” are shiny matt glass not plastic at all. Hard to tell without handling the item. Doesn’t really matter anyway as it is fabulous. Very sensible to have the prongs checked as it is almost impossible to find perfect matches for the moulded glass leaves if you loose them. Delighted to have found Powder Keg on Facebook. Caroline

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