hanging basket

The curse of the previous homeowner: episode 2

It’s finally nice outside and not raining–that means Tim and I have been able to get out in the yard and do some much-needed clean-up.

relocated shrub

The mystery shrub has reached well over 6.5 feet tall. Hopefully it will thrive in its new location.

I dealt with another curse from the previous homeowners: an unidentified shrub. The previous homeowner had planted it in the butterfly garden, next to a butterfly bush and a large yellow daisy. When we moved in, it was about knee-high. Even then, I knew I didn’t want it in the butterfly garden competing with two other large plants, so I moved it to the side of the house. Where it thrived. Scarily. To the point where Tim was concerned the roots might damage our foundation. It was also encroaching on the fill pipe to our oil tank. That needs to be easily accessible – especially during New England winters.

So on Saturday, I moved the mystery shrub to part of the back yard next to the fire pit where we keep our compost bin and let things grow wild. So far, it seems to be doing well. I filled in the space on the side of the house with some forget-me-nots from my friend Amy. The side yard looks much more open now, and it will definitely be easier to mow without Mr. Shrub poking us in the face.

forget me nots

Forget-me-nots on the side of the house

I also planted another hanging basket and some pots for the front steps. And I bought a GIANT fuschia for the deck – we get very little sun back there, so I need things that do well in shade. My grandmother used to have fuschia in the front of the house and I always thought the dark purple looked garish next to the hot pink. But this one is white. Much better. And still makes me think of my grandmother.

hanging basket

Petunias and nemesia. In a few weeks they should trail over the sides of the pot.

front steps

I already had the pansies–I added pots with verbena, more nemesia, and tall things that look like fireworks when they bloom.

Giant fuschia.

Giant fuschia. Beautiful.


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