Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I’m almost ready for my first ever live event, a car show at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester on Sunday. I’ve priced everything, figured out how to display all my compacts and sundries, and procured a cash box and cool swipe thing for my phone so I can take credit cards. The banner that Brazen Bernadette designed for me arrived and looks awesome. I have selected an outfit.

Tim has confirmed that our friend John Chaos of Eldorado Rampage notoriety will be there with his ’58 Oldsmobile 98. We have several other firends who may show up, with or without hot rods. Ralph’s usually has awesome bands in the parking lot during this thing, so I’m looking forward to hearing some good music. I’m also excited about seeing all the amazing cars and starting to talk to people about finding my ’40 Dodge, even though I won’t have the money for her for a while. Building connections now can’t hurt.

On Saturday, Bernadette and I will do a sweep of local shops to see if there’s anything I MUST HAVE for the show, pilfer display ideas, and generally have mischief together.

My banner, merchandise and cash box are all ready to go.

Bernadette is concerned that I don’t have enough stuff to sell. I have no such fear. (I know the photo above is going to alarm her  even more because you can’t see the tote underneath the books or the second one above the cash box, both of which are PACKED). Now all that’s left to do is iron my tablecloth, find a suitable backdrop for the easy-up, and print two small signs. I’m ready.



    1. Nah, I decide what’s mine either when I buy it or when it arrives. There’s a lot of cool stuff up for sale. Some great carry alls, cool books, and, of course, amazing compacts from Elgin American, Rex Fifth Ave, and the other big names.

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