Happy June!

I can’t believe it’s already June 1. This year has been flying by–work has been really busy lately, and I’ve started exercising in the mornings again recently, which cuts into my blogging time. I’m trying to find the right balance and set realistic expectations for myself.

When I realized that I hadn’t blogged in a while and was wondering what to post today, I remembered my 1949 Earl MacPherson sketchbook calendar. The cover has a tantalizing description of the booklet: “Glorifying the lithe and langorous lovelies who linger in the path of the sun, these choice treasures captured by MacPherson have been selected for your entertainment throughout 1949.”  And far beyond…hard to believe this flimsy paper calendar has survived more than 60 years. June’s image:

MacPherson pinup

June’s illustration.

While MacPherson isn’t my favorite pinup artist, I do enjoy the sketchbook – I like the intimacy of seeing work in progress. Frequently, I like the pencil sketches more than the finished drawings. While I think MacPherson’s depictions of breasts are entirely anti-gravity unrealistic, I LOVE the way he draws legs and hips. Rich, curvy, voluptuous hips and thighs that make me appreciate my own shape a little more.

I also love the main girl’s shoes and bikini bottom. I would wear either the shoes or the bathing suit in a second. What do you think?


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