reptile _purse2

Hideous Handbags: June ’12 episode

On the first Sunday of each month, we’ll reflect on hideous handbags… we began our critique last month with this gaudy number.  You remember.

As a refresher, here are the guidelines: vintage, modern, large, small, formal, casual…the bag need only meet two criteria.

1. It must be some form of bag. Whether you call it a purse, pocketbook, tote, or clutch, as long as it’s a bag, it qualifies.

2. It must be ugly.

Bernadette and I stumbled across three atrocities a few weeks ago while prepping for our adventure at the car show at Ralph’s Diner. While we did encouter several lovely vintage bags, one of which I bought and may keep for myself, despite my original plan to resell it, these vintage creations are anything but lovely:

furry purse

Some kind of fake fur purse that resembles no living animal, but reminds me a great deal of Fozzy Bear, Yes, the Muppet.

Wouldn’t real fur look so much nicer? Or at least more realistic-looking fake fur?

Oh. Wait…

reptile purse

I’m all for the alligator purse, but this seems to be taking it a little too far. Maybe even a lot too far. Creepy.

Nope. The real animal hide is creepy, not classy. At least in this case.

Know what’s even creepier? That we saw two of these purses. In the same antiques shop.

reptile _purse2

That’s not just a different angle – it’s a different bag. Really.

We were repulsed enough by the first one – the second one practically sent us over the edge. So, that’s the review of this month’s hideous handbags. Remember, every month we’ll explore new fantastically ugly bags. And you can get in on the commentary–just email photos of the bag to along with a brief editorial on its flaws.

If it’s too wretched for words, just send me photos of any fantastically disastrous bags you come across. The Powder Keg does not take holiday breaks: tune in next month for another post on hideous handbags.



  1. Okay, the funny thing is, I kind of want one of those little gator purses. I know, they are simply horrendous…I saw one at an antique show a few years ago that was a little different than this one, for $5 because it had lots of issues, but passed. Have you seen the armadillo ones – head, feet and all? Yeah, I kind of want one of those too…

  2. Janey! You’re too funny! I was thinking the exact same thing…I want one of the alligators too. I realize they are not everyone’s taste but for me they fall into that “It’s so bad it’s good” catagory.

    I will also admit that I spent the better part of a year trolling ebay for an elusive bargain priced stuffed armadillo for my living room. Never did find it…

    1. Yay! I’m not crazy! I love things that are “so bad they’re good”! Especially when it comes to novelty print dresses. I too have thought about the stuffed armadillo, ever since I bought my first piece of taxidermy (a jackalope) I’ve been on the hunt ever since. So I understand. 🙂

  3. Sometimes, there’s something charming about the truly tasteless. I’ll admit to being completely FASCINATED with a lamp that’s like you said – so bad it’s good. 🙂 I have seen the armadillos and they’re in that same attractive/repulsive/I don’t know whether I love or hate this category.

  4. I have seen that alligator purse before in a antique store I used to go through when I was in college. I never was able to afford anything in the antique store back then-but I always got a kick out of that purse. It was there FOREVER! Probably is still there.

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