Hair change/personality change?

I’m due for a haircut on Saturday and have to make a decision. I’ve been thinking about growing my hair out a bit so I have more options. The chin-length bob doesn’t offer much in the way of variety.

Then I remember that I don’t usually like myself with long hair. Not the way I look–the way I behave.

Somehow, the times in my life that I’ve had long hair (past my shoulders is long for me) have all been pretty unhappy. Most of high school, my junior and senior years of college, the crumbling of my first marriage….If I check the photo albums, I had long hair during all those miserable periods. I’m trying to decide if this is just some crazy association I have, or if long hair actually changes my decision-making process/sense of self/identity.

With my hair too short, I just look androgynous and don’t feel attractive. So that’s off the list.

So now I’m torn because I want to change up my look, but I don’t want to alter my personality.

I also know myself well enough to realize that I am NEVER going to spend more than 5 minutes (probably more than 2 minutes) on my hair before I walk out the door in the morning. Also, because of the henna, adding crazy color streaks isn’t possible. Besides that, I love my hair color–that’s one thing I don’t want to change. I’ve got seriously limited options here.

Any suggestions?





  1. you haven’t really gone true “ginger”. I know you’re happy with your color, but your cut does suit you & aside from changing your bangs, which I don’t think you’d be happy styling everyday, I really think a bolder henna color could be your answer. I’ll be happy to give you a fabulous beauty abuse day for fun rolls and stuff, but that’s not practical or even comfortable for you (i.e. teasing, heat tools, spraying, pinning, more backcombing, etc) – but it could be a fun day. So do consider a more summery-toned red & try that look for a bit. You can always tone back to the more auburn shade you usually rock.

  2. I think your bob really suits you. I understand wanting a change, but I think you look very lovely with what you have now. There is something about the bob that makes your neck and shoulders look very graceful.

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