Color it is

My hair. Chin-length bob, auburny color.

So I realize that not all of you know what my hair looks like to begin with. Here you go: stick straight, chin-length bob angled toward my face, with some texture at the ends. My natural hair color is…nondescript kinda light brownish. Or that’s what it was last time I checked, which was probably about four years ago. Maybe longer.

While I love the natural look I get from henna, I get bored and want to do something different from time to time. I would LOVE to have bright copper hair. Like new penny copper. Yes, many people see that as brassy, trashy, and undesireable. It looks great on me and I want to figure out how to make it happen. RIGHT NOW, because I lack patience and the common sense to care that it’s probably a bad idea to attempt to put a streak in my hair (I’m considering it a spot test) with a peroxide-baking soda concoction on a Friday morning before I have to go to work.

peroxide paste

Peroxide mixed with baking soda. And a plastic fork, useful for combing the slop through roots.

After scouring the internet and choosing irrationally to trust some chick who probably knows only marginally more about this than I do, I mixed up cocktail of 3% hydrogen peroxide (the stuff you put on cuts) and baking soda to make a paste. Those of you who have read the henna post are starting to wonder if I’m obsessed with putting nasty textured things in my hair. Apparently, yes. Yes, I am. I worked the paste into a strip of damp hair, wrapped it in foil, scrunched it up to my head and held it in place with a bandanna. Then I hit the keyboard and blogged about it for 30 minutes.

After that, I took off the bandanna, unfurled the tin foil, and broke out the hair dryer. Chunks of dried baking soda peroxide paste fell all over me. Fun. Once the chunk of pasty hair felt dry, I showered, washed and conditioned my hair. The results?

Absolutely no change.

Disappointing. I wasn’t expecting Marilyn Monroe platinum blonde, but I was anticipating something. Maybe a honey color a few shades lighter than what I have already. But no. Which shocks me, honestly. Do I have some kind of freakish hair that’s immune to peroxide?

streak? I can’t see anything.

OK, my coworkers are saying they can see it stripe. I can’t see it. You decide.

 Sigh. Back to the drawing board.


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