Vintage-inspired summer top

keepsake cami

I love the pattern. The straps are just wide enough to cover bra straps.

A while back, my friend Dorie became a Cabi consultant…it’s a home sale/party style selling gig featuring clothing by designer Carol Anderson. I went to Dorie’s first trunk show and fell in love with this top, the keepsake cami. Fun colors and pattern, and better yet, the straps button so you can adjust them.

It’s been too cool to wear it much yet this season, but I’m excited about warmer weather and a chance to finally wear it! Slightly blurry photos by my husband.

Once the season ends, each item from the collection gets retired. Dorie’s placing her last orders for this season on June 20. While some of the clothes are more than I’d typically spend (I spent years making almost no money–higher education does not pay well), I love some of the styles and have been impressed with the quality. I’m debating ordering a cute polka-dot cardigan, a nautical-flavored striped tee, and this drapey top, which I already have in gray and LOVE. Due to budget contrains, I’m leaning toward the black drapey top, but I do love the polka dot cardigan too.

Side note: I don’t do a whole lot of outfit posts, mostly because I feel like I don’t photograph well. Look at the clothes, not my weird facial expression, awkward arm position or messy bangs. Thank you.

keepsake cami

I like the shape of the back, too, and the lighter blue highlights the colors in my tattoo. Bonus.

I feel like the back of this top makes me look more hourglassy than usual. I like it. I’m hoping for something similar in next season’s CAbi collection.


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