Old Radio World: Amazing archives

Earlier this week, one of my coworkers shared this site with me: http://www.oldradioworld.com/

I’m hooked. The site offers all kinds of great classic radio programs, now entering the public domain. Detective stories, comedies, westerns, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, great old commercials… wonderful stuff. So far I’ve checked out some of the Glen Miller and a few of the commercials. I love the commercials. They’re so over the top, I just can’t get enough. The site also offers recordings of some historic moments. It’s an eclectic collection, ranging from Hitler opening the Olympics and Albert Einstein on the bomb to Amelia Earhart on women in air travel and Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech.

I’m looking forward to listening to some of these programs on long drives…especially The Shadow. I’ve been reading a mystery series lately that frequently refers to the radio program, so it will be nice to have a better frame of reference. Very cool stuff.



  1. What series are you reading? I sometimes have to try the foods that characters in books eat. Chop-suey sandwichs is one thing I made because they kept talking about it in a book! I will check out that link, it sounds like great fun! Thanks!

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