The office purge continues

I made several shocking discoveries today.

1. About 30% of the stuff that was in the eaves turned out to be empty boxes and shipping supplies. The volume led me to believe that rearranging the eaves was going to be much more labor-intensive. Instead of finding new homes for things, I can just throw out old boxes. Easy.

2. Tim and I have a ridiculous amount of Christmas ornaments. Many of them are cool old ones or family heirlooms, but many are not. We don’t even decorate for Christmas half the time. Really. I blame our mothers. Both for the abundance of ornaments and the inconsistent decorating.

3. Not really shocking: hanging out in unventilated eaves in humid 85 degree weather is an awesome way to make yourself heat sick. Throw in some fiberglass insulation itch, and you’re really ready to party.

4. During six years of cohabitation, Tim and I have not introduced any new dishes or sheets into our household, but have somehow accumulated eight sets of bath towels, complete with hand towels and washcloths.

5. I have a lot of purses and bags and no clue how to store them.

6. I can operate power tools unsupervised without damaging myself or the tools. This is a big deal. While an orbital sander may not be the most threatening tool in the arsenal, I’m sure I could hurt myself with the thing somehow.

I made significant progress today – the eaves are better organized, I can actually get to everything in the closet, and I can see most of the floor. Now I just have to get rid of another few boxes of books, figure out how to store 19 bags that I’m not using but not ready to part with, and finish the shelves for my compacts. And figure out how to display the other two thirds of my collection. And reupholster a chair, but have a plan for that adventure…I’m not-so-secretly hoping to bribe Bernadette into assisting my by plying her with wine. Preferably after we’re done playing with glue, scissors, staplers, and other sharp objects, but we’ll see how it goes.

Ahhh, domesticity.


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