History Detectives investigate Bettie Page photo

Last night, my husband and I were flicking through the TV channels and he came across History Detectives on PBS. We’re both suckers for that sort of thing, so we stopped channel surfing and watched the rest of the episode. When that was done, another came on…with a teaser saying one of the items under investigation was a negative of a photo of Bettie Page. After that announcement, we definitely weren’t changing the channel!

The investigators actually went to Movie Star News and talked to Irving and Paula Klaw’s sons, who still operate the business. The show discussed the atmosphere of the times regarding sexuality and deviance. It was really well done, and the photo turned out to be from one of the last shoots Bettie did for the Klaws. Some of the items in the background gave it away for me…as soon as they pulled out the photo, I was telling Tim, “That’s from one of the Klaw sessions…look at the blanket there, that’s in a ton of the photos she did for the Klaws…”

If you want to watch the episode for yourself, here it is.

Bettie Page And The Forbidden Pinup (all my attempts to embed this have failed. I apologize for having to link. Dang internet technology!)



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