Weekend adventure

This weekend, I’m heading to Connecticut. I’ll have a table (and hopefully sell some compacts) at the Shoreline Roller Derby bout on Saturday. Bonus: my dad will be there signing copies of his derby mystery, The Whammer Jammers. (which is dedicated to me, BTW). I’ll crash at his place for the night and on Sunday, we’ll pow-wow about some updates to his website. I haven’t been to a derby bout in two years, since I retired, but I still think about derby constantly. I’ve been feeling old and out of shape lately, not at all like the toned machine I was two years ago. (I was also a total bitch, so I’m not looking to go back there). I’m hoping that watching some amazing skating will inspire me to lace up my own skates a little more frequently and take better care of myself—to get closer to that elusive balance between eating right, being active enough, and doing the other things that I love.

Tim invited our friend Jack up for the weekend. He’ll get here tonight, so I’ll get to see him before I head to CT in the morning. Jack is a master salvager…he finds all kinds of amazing things and repurposes them for his recording studio. I’m hoping to borrow some of his perspective and swing by the family homestead on Sunday afternoon to see if I can salvage any odds and ends that I can transform into compact display shelves.

My mom and her siblings are selling the house their father built in 1949. It’s a little emotional, as it’s always been in the family. My mom and I lived there with my grandmother for 10 years, and my mom stayed for another 10 years after my grandmother died in 1995. One of my cousins has been in the house since my mom left. I still have plenty of things in the house and not much free time to retrieve them. There are parts of the house I don’t think I’ve ever really seen, like the ends of the storage behind the eaves. Who knows what treasures are hiding back there? While I’ll have a car full of compacts and a six-foot table this weekend, I may be able to cram a few boxes of books into the back seat. Or even just give my mother my blessing to throw things away. We’ll see if I’m up for that on Sunday afternoon.


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