The striking Rita Morley

Rita Morley

Rita Morley as a washed-up actress in “The Flesh Eaters.” I wish I could find a better still from the film.

Yesterday, my husband and I were flipping through TV channels and came across a 1964 low-budget flick called “The Flesh Eaters.” We quickly abandoned it, as we came in during some huge plot problems, but the actress who played the lead really caught my attention: Rita Morley. She looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn’t place her.

I also LOVED her outfit: A black blouse with a deep V neck secured with a brooch and sexy leopard-print pants.

An internet search revealed that she appeared on the soap operas As The World Turns  and The Edge of Night in the 1950s and ’60s and…. she was a spokesperson for Coty cosmetics. She seems to have done primarily TV ads for Coty as opposed to print advertisements, and searches for her photo yield mostly images of Rita Hayworth. (Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.) I’d love to know more about her.


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