Hello, fall wardobe

The weather here in New England has been getting cooler – there’s definitely a nip in the air when I leave the house to go to the gym in the morning. Time to pack away my sundresses and break out the sweaters. While I’m sad that the season for bare shoulders and open-toed shoes has passed, I’m excited about reviving forgotten outfits…cute blouses with cardigans, warmer skirts with tights, and, of course, boots.

I LOVE boots.

I’ve developed a process for my seasonal wardrobe change. A messy process, to be sure, but it works for me. For starters, I do all the laundry in the house to make sure that I’m not missing anything. Having all my clothes clean at once forces me to examine how much I own as opposed to how much I actually wear. Then I drag all my storage bins out from behind the eaves and drag them into my bedroom. I empty the bins with the clothes I’m taking out, then start packing away off-season shoes so that they’re on the bottom of the tote.

Now: goodbye, black and whote polka dot peeptoes, blue canvas slingbacks,  raffia sandals with the woven wedge heels…and several more pairs of summery shoes. Next I fold up shorts and ’70s wrap skirts to make a protective layer between shoes and sundresses. Sundresses go next – anything that won’t work for fall gets packed away. Then I go through my closet for blouses and short-sleeved cardigans. Drawers go next. By the time I’m done, I typically have a bin full of clothes for storage as well as a giant bag for the next clothing swap. If I’d done this last weekend, I would have been better off, since I just went to a swap on Thursday and only had a few things then.

Now I get to unpack everything that’s been in storage. And try everything on and put it in a drawer or my closet or the laundry or the swap bag. And think about new outfit combinations.



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