Month: October 2012

yellow hideous handbag

Hideous handbags October 2012

This month, Bernadette has nominated a spectacle seen on another blog:

Scroll down. You’ll see it. Deliciously creepy. Just in time for Halloween.

Also, while the style of this isn’t bad, why would you choose to carry a bag that looks like it was attacked by an overzealous kid with a highlighter? The photo doesn’t even come close to capturing the true color, but it gives you a taste of how truly overpowering the bag is.

yellow hideous handbag

My eyes hurt just looking at this thing.


Domestic domination

When I feel like one part of my life is out of control, I typically try to compensate by taking charge of things in another area. Like my house. Lately, work has been stressful, so I’m soothing myself by taking on substantial cleaning projects.

Today, I’m doing mountains of laundry, including hand-washing. I also steam-cleaned the upstairs carpet. Which was disgusting, and frnkly, remains somewhat gross. After almost two hours of repeated steaming, the dirty reservoir water was medium brown as opposed to black. Not great, but definite progress. Time to move on to something else.

Part of me wonders if the spotless homes of the 1950s were a similar manifestation of a need for order and control. Did housewives maintain immaculate kitchens simply because it was expected, or because that was their source of pride and accomplishment? Was cleaning an effort to compensate for limited clout in other arenas?

End of social commentary. Back to cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and the like.

keys and locks


Yes, I have neglected my blog lately. And my web site. And my appearance. And, well, pretty much everything. The combination of changing seasons and a particularly grueling patch at work has left me  listless and disinterested in most things that would normally captivate me. All I want to do is curl up on the couch and read. I’m trying to come up with a way to snap out of it, but so far–nothing. I may do some sort of 30-day wardrobe challenge, not allowing myself to wear the same thing twice. I haven’t decided yet.

Tomorrow I’m heading to a workshop in Boston on developing marketing content for all stages of the buying cycle. While that probably sounds incredibly boring to lots of people, I’m hoping that it gives me some insight that will get me fired up about writing again. And I do have a good outfit picked out: a few weeks ago, I hosted a CAbi trunk show and got this great top:

CAbi keys please top

A supersoft blouse with a pattern featuring old keys and padlocks.

keys and locks

detail of the keys and locks.

I love old keys and padlocks, and I’m trying to wear more blouses, so this was a perfect piece. I have several pairs of pants that will work well with it, in addition to my favorite gray pencil skirt. I recently read a very good biography of Harry Houdini–this top makes me think of him. (And yes, I do plan to iron it before wearing tomorrow.)

I also got some good things at a clothing swap a few weeks ago, so I’ll look for some inspiration there. Today I’ll try a black jacket with red piping that PERFECTLY matches my Heartbreaker Vogue pencil skirt. In the meantime, I will keep fighting to break out of my fall torpor. Wish me luck. Anyone else going through this?