Plaid, plaid, plaid

I have long been a fan of plaid. Especially plaid skirts. But this morning I realized that none of the plaid skirts in my wardrobe are PENCIL skirts, and I am all about the pencil skirt.

I need to remedy this situation.

I have it in my head (probably erroneously) that sewing is easy.

I have never sewed on a machine, ever. But I’ve got my grandmother’s Singer from 1951, complete with manual, and I’ve looked at multiple pencil skirts and I keep thinking, it can’t be that hard. Measure, cut, pin, stitch. Right? We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ve been on a pinning frenzy.

Like this gorgeous number from Lipstick & Curls:

plaid pencil skirt

Gorgeous. Everything about this is gorgeous.

I’m also admiring many of Jessica from Chronically Vintage’s lovely plaid dresses, though I suspect those are considerably harder to make. Another one. Off to trim my bangs, go vote, and look for plaid pencil skirts.



  1. a great trick from a practiced non-sewer: get a skirt you own & love already that fits just right. then find a fabric that is not only the fabulous plaid you love, but it should be similar in weave/weight/elasticity (the last being the most important part of a pencil skirt to a girl like me with a huge rump roast.) fold your fabric in half, & trace your loved skirt onto it with at least an inch extra. even more. try to sew to correct proportions, but if you find you need more room, you’ll have it. once the perfect fit is achieved you can trim the access.

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