Not vintage: new job rituals

I start my new job today.

I’m excited. And nervous. And ready.

I was a girl scout for ages –long after it stopped being cool–which has left me with a tendency to be SUPER ULTRA PREPARED. My new work bag has a sewing kit, Tide pen, myriad office supplies, tissues, allergy drugs, lip balm, and picture of Tim. In a few minutes I’ll make myself a peanut butter sandwich and make sure I have some cash, because you can never predict the lunch situation. Some friends have explained the Law of Constant Arrival Times, so I understand that my new commute means that if I leave my house at any point during a particular hour-long window,  I will arrive at the same time. Interesting.

Time to go remove manky old nail polish and iron my pants. Did I mention I’ve had my first-day outfit picked out for two weeks?


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