Triumphant return to knitting

Some of my knit projects.

Once upon a time, I knit like mad. I loved knitting and cranked out hats and scarves and a few ill-fitting tanks like nobody’s business. One one of my early dates with my husband, I knit a hat for my mother while he worked the sound board for a metal show in Fitchburg, Mass. There’s nothing like a set of big old metal #10 needles to let the jerk at the pool table know that he DOES have to say “excuse me” when he’s about to poke me with the cue while making his shot.

Anyway, I had some awesome knitting mentors and loved the heck out of it.

But then, something happened. My hands started to hurt. Shooting pain across the back of them whenever I knit. Which takes the fun right out of a leisure activity, let me tell you. The doctor tested me for all kinds of things ranging from arthritis to lupus and came up with squat. Which did nothing to solve the problem. I had a job that I hated and a bunch of other stressful things going on in my life, and I’ve always been someone whose emotional stress menifests physically, so it’s quite possible that my psychological sense that my hands were tied resulted in a physical reminder. Who knows. That was several years ago.

Since then, I’ve gotten a fabulous new job that I love and resolved many of my other stressors.

And then I saw Tasha’s (bygumbygolly) blog post about fingerless gloves. I LOVE knitting gloves. But I wanted to make sure my hands cound handle knitting again. My neighbor is pregnant and due fairly soon…and I have some adorable patterns for baby booties. Which are small and knit up quickly, so even if my hands DID hurt, I could still probably suffer through them.

I went to knit up my test bootie and something wonderful happened. No pain. Even after about an hour of knitting. A few days later, I knit while my car got inspected – another hour or so at the needles. And again, no pain. I’m thrilled. I joined ravelry. I ordered the actual yarn for the booties. I started sifting through pattern books to find things I want to make.  I started planning projects for the yarns left in my stash. I reorganized my office to fit in my grandmother’s sewing machine, which also opens up a nice space for knitting. I’m really, really excited.

Stay tuned for all kinds of vintage-inspired knitting projects.


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