Melting season

Spring is almost here….but not quite. And I’ve reached the point where I’m sick of all my clothes. I’m having daily fashion meltdowns because I feel like everything I own is boring or broken. Throw in some weight fluctuation and laundry mishaps and…you get the picture. Not helpful. I really, really, really can’t wait for warmer weather. (Did I mention I misplaced one of my favorite shirts? As in, I’ve been looking for it for at least two weeks and can’t find it anywhere? Not in my drawers or the laundry or under the bed or in the couch cushions or behind the dryer or anywhere I can find it. Tim says the sock gremlins got it. I’m starting to believe him. Grrrr.)

I had a nice visit with my mother last weekend and she mercifully took me out and bought me some new cardigans. (Thanks, Mom!) I missed a recent clothing swap due to travel schedule and illness…I was hoping that would alleviate some of my malcontent. I did order a cute dress from ModCloth and I’m frantically tracking it as though that will hasten arrival.

What do you do when you’re sick of all your stuff? Where do you turn for inspiration?




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