Thank you, shoe gods.

Yesterday I wrote about being discontent with my wardrobe. I have a work event in New York City this evening, and somehow travelling always makes me feel like I need to look better than ususal. Yesterday morning I identified an outfit that’s suitably professional yet bombshell, except for one thing.

The Liz Claiborne Jacob boot. Note the snakeskin detail at the heel.

The Liz Claiborne Jacob boot. Note the snakeskin detail at the heel.

The shoes.I live in New England. We’re still getting whacked with snow. My black boots are low-heeled and tired. They actually make me feel kind of dumpy. Not what I want on a day I’m trying to be super ON and confident. So I decided to stop at the shoe store on the way home to find new black boots. You know, because wearing new shoes for the first time on an all-day travel adventure is super-comfortable and an awesome way to break them in. (Yes, I’m making fun of myself.)I figured I wouldn’t find anything.I was wrong.

Not only did I find boots that I love, they were in the clearance section. For $39.99. And I had a $10 off coupon in my purse.

That never happens.

I took it as a sign and I bought them.

While I was shopping, I noticed a number of other very cool shoes. Lots of cute vintagey wedges and espadrilles. And these:

creamy spectators front

Gorgeous details. Great delicate ankle strap.

creamy spectators back

Love the back. Picture with backseam stockings. Delicious.

While I didn’t buy them, I’m definitely going to. They’ll replace a similar pair that’s getting perilously close to the end of their lifespan. Thank you, shoes, for restoring my confidence. Amen.



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