Spring melt

Or, rather, spring meltdown. Yesterday a combination of an ill-fitting dress, allergies, and a difficult project at work sent me over the edge. I’ve had the dress for three or four years, and while I loved it when I bought it, I’ve gained weight since then and it just doesn’t work on me any more. It was squeezing my ribs and making me itchy. My allergies tend to manifest not just in nasal discomfort, but also in….itchy/hive-y skin and eyes. Add the twitchiness of a tight deadline working with marginally cooperative coworkers in a distant office where I can’t just corner them in hallways or by the coffee maker, and…something’s got to give.

I needed to feel like I was in control of something.

I took more allergy meds, sent some pointed emails to my remote coworkers, applied some lipstick and went shopping.

JC Penney was kind enough to send me a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, and there’s a JCP in the mall I pass on the way home from work. I took that as a sign.

Those are stars, not dots. Super-light fabric, perfect for summer.

Those are stars, not dots. Super-light fabric, perfect for summer.

Cotton dress, perfect for spring.

Cotton dress, perfect for spring.

Forgive the lousy iPhone dressing room photos. You still get the idea. What I love about the second dress: The top is lined and it has lingerie straps so my bra won’t peek out everywhere. IT WAS $35. Truly amazing, because similar styles from the online ppin-up places go for 2-3 times that. You know it. I plan to wear the dress today and will try to get photos of it with matching shoes and hair that hasn’t had clothing pulled on and off over it 85 times.

Now to tackle that nasty presentation…


One comment

  1. They look awesome !! Àlways helps you feel the shopping was worth the effort when you actually find awesome clothes. I don’t have much luck when I am specifically looking. Good luck on finishing the presentation!

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