shopping moratorium

I am going to take a month-long break from buying clothes, shoes, and accessories. And make-up (unless I run out of something crucial like moisturizer and need to replace it). I’ve bought a decent number of new clothes lately, while getting rid of items that were worn out, ill-fitting, or just no longer suited me. But before I buy anything else, I want to get to know what’s in my closet. And hidden away in my warm-weather stash…I’m looking forward to pulling those clothes out of storage this weekend.

In the meantime, I’ll put the money I would have spent on clothes/shoes/lipstick into savings toward the 1940 Dodge.

1940 Dodge

1940 Dodge

Shoes will last a few seasons – or years, if I’m lucky. That car…that’s a lifetime relationship. Sign me up.



  1. ha! i was just saying that to myself yesterday! i went through everything i own; clothes, shoes, jackets&coats, makeup, bags, hair crap, you name it, and decided i need to cut the crap and just wear/use what i have. we’ll see how long i stick to it. having thrift shops so close to my home sometimes makes this impossible and i can always justify a “new” purchase. argh! this is where swaps come in! =)

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