Bettie Page Clothing in San Diego

When I walked in the store, I was thrilled. I loved the style and all the clothes.

And then I started trying things on.

Rita dress in rust

Rita dress in rust

Sadly, the fabrics and sizing just didn’t work for me. A lot of the dresses I tried on were a thick polyester blend that made me itch. I may have had some kind of allergy to a component of the fabric. Everything they had in cotton was much too similar to something I already own for me to be able to justify it. Especially for the prices.

In addition, I’m halfway between sizes. The sleeves are too tight on the L, the bodice is too loose on the XL. Waist height was good though, which is normally a problem with my long torso. Some of the skirt lengths weren’t quite right for me either. Which I know I could fix…if that was the only thing that stood between me and a fabulous new dress. Alas, none of these made me feel fabulous. Mostly, they made me feel itchy. Occassionally, boxy. Which I am not.

Rear view.

Rear view.

Cute, right? Great color and style. Loved the way it looked. Until I actually wore it for say, two minutes and the fabric did this:

bunchy fabric.

bunchy fabric.

Which is totally not selling me on this dress. Yes, I have gained weight since I stopped playing roller derby three years ago and my stomach is no longer perfectly flat, but I do not have a pot belly like that. Believe me, I know, because I scrutinize my body in the mirror daily. I am not fooling myself into thinking I have the body I used to…but this dress makes me look lumpier and dumpier than I really am.

The Captain dress in red flare.

The Captain dress in red flare.

I tried on a few other dresses with the pencil silhouette and quickly ruled them out.

So I switched over to swing dresses. Plenty of options there. Starting with the Captain dress in red, which I’ve been coveting online for ages. LOVE the color and the white piping – great details. But…the fabric was really stiff and heavy and scratchy.

When I looked again, the shoulders were bulky. And the skirt length didn’t feel right. Meh.


Potential, but…no.


On to the Alika Circle dress in green. It’s a lighter fabric than the Captain, which seemed promising. Sorry it’s bit blurry.

Cute neckline and sleeves. Great color.

Cute neckline and sleeves. Great color.

The bust darts were in an unflattering location.

The bust darts were in an unflattering location.

I liked this much better, even though the waist could have come in. But the fabric was still not working for me…The bustline bulged where the excess fabric from the neck folded over inside, doing odd things with my bra. You can see it a little in this picture. It was much more apparent and awkward when I moved my arms. In addition, the bust darts just didn’t look or feel right to me. While it may seem like I’m being overly picky, I honeslty believe that you should love your clothes and feel great when you wear them. Instead of feeling sexy, playful or glamorous, I felt awkward, itchy and self-conscious.

I’ve seen other women look completely AMAZING in BPC, so I’m not in any way saying don’t shop there…the current styles available just didn’t work out for me. The staff were all helpful and encouraging, without trying to force me into anything. This trip just didn’t pan out. I’m still planning to give the Vegas store a go when I’m at Ceasars Palace next month for work. Maybe I’ll have better luck.


One comment

  1. huh. I am bummed about that, loved that green Alika Circle dress was considering it for G-money’s wedding. but that first bunchy scratchy dress looks the best, even with bunchy scratchiness. perhaps a nice sexy under garment will both smooth the bunchy & protect from scratchy? the red captain dress looks a bit matronly, like it’s too much dress on you. too bad. it’s all cute.

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