Consignment finds

Yesterday afternoon I was fidgety and decided to go for a drive. While I started off intending to hit up the usual antique stores, I changed my mind once I got close and decided to try the local consignment shops instead.

Good call.

At Second Avenue Consignment, I found the flour and sugar containers from a Beautyware canister set. I’d love to find the matching coffee and tea containers, but for now, the flour and sugar canisters work just fine.

I also saw a mid-century tea cart that I would have snatched up in a heartbeat if it weren’t for one teeny little detail…

Striking tea cart.

Striking tea cart.

It’s pink. I HATE pink. Sigh. I know some other vintage lady will love it. If you’re in the southern New Hampshire area and reading this blog, I think it was marked $49. You’re welcome.

I left Second Avenue with my canister set and headed next door to Twice As Nice Consignments, but didn’t find anything there. I got back in my car and headed toward Milford, thinking I’d check out the New Hampshire Antiques Co-op. Then I saw a sign for a barn sale. Whoo-hoo! I parked, got out of my car, and was greeted by these beauties:

vintage kitchen cabinets

vintage kitchen cabinets

Here’s a closer look at the pattern on top.

Red kitchen cabinet tops.

Red kitchen cabinet tops.

It may look familiar if you’ve been a regular reader. You may have seen it here. Or here. Or in any one of several other posts I’m too lazy to track down right now. That’s right. It matches my table. (Forgive the color difference of daylight vs. no light. They’re the same color. Really.)

My table.

My table.

As much as I loved the cabinets, I didn’t buy them. Mostly because we have no place to put them.

I did, however, add a new compact to my collection:

Washington, D.C. souvenir vanity case by Elgin American.

Washington, D.C. souvenir vanity case by Elgin American.

I love the deep burgundy of this vanity case. I didn’t have any souvenir cases in my collection, and this one is pretty and in great shape.

Basically, I drove around, saw cool stuff, and entertained myself for three hours. Good deal.



  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU BOUGHT THOSE CANISTERS! Well, I can because I have wanted to buy it for you for over a year now, but refrained. They had the entire set for a long time at Second Ave. Consignment. I have almost tested you photos of it each time I went, and they were still there…. hummed….

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