Month: June 2013

Seeking Matilda.

Yesterday on my drive home from work, I glanced down a street near mine and saw the back end of an old car that looked like it could have been a 1940 Dodge pulling away. I used the gas station on the corner for a quick turnaround and shot down the street after the car.

Luckily, the car pulled into a driveway and the owner got out…I didn’t end up on a wild goose chase. I parked on the street, got out and approached him to ask about the car.

It was a 1941 Oldsmobile – not my dream car, but still lovely. The Olds has a longer front end and completely different grill than the Dodge, but a lot of the styling is similar. 

The owner was nice, not at all put out by my following him. He said, “I’ll talk to anyone about my cars.” It was nice to have a little adventure just a few streets over from home! This weekend I’ll go for a walk and see if I can get some photos. In the meantime, here’s a vintage ad for the 1941 Oldsmobile.

1941 Oldsmobile ad

1941 Oldsmobile ad


Jeans quest and Vegas adventure prep

Sunday, I had to prep for another work trip to Vegas at Caesars Palace for a conference. I decided to actually prepare for this trip in advance, unlike last week’s complete last-minute packing scramble.


My lovely Atomic Testing Museum T shirt, as customized by B

In honor of the destination, I wore my Atomic Testing Museum shirt, customized by Brazen Bernadette. I hate crew necks, and the rest of the shirt was shapeless, so she broke out the scissors and worked some magic to turn it into something just for me.Alas, on Friday, one of my favorite pairs of jeans began to split along the inseam, perilously close to my crotch. NOT COOL. Especially since I was working at the time. Gah.

While I love vintage, I confess that I’m not one who wears it all the time…I’m more likely to pair modern clothes with vintage/retro-flavored accessories. I also lean heavily toward rockabilly tough-girl. I like a combo of girly and bad-ass. I try to choose classic silhouettes that let me throw off a retro vibe without giving the impression that I’m trying to recreate a specific point in history. While I admire folks who can comfortably sport head-to-toe vintage, I’m not one of them. Don’t judge.

Anyway: Jeans. I have long been a fan of Levi’s. 515, boot cut, just below waist, dark wash, please and thank you. I loved knowing that I didn’t have to try them on, I could just grab and go. But now…Levi’s has gotten all crazy and changed cuts and added weird slimming stuff and blinged out pockets and switched to fabrics that don’t work for me and I can’t find my freaking jeans any more. Grrrr. So on Saturday Tim and I braved the mall to see if I could find some last stronghold that carried my faithful 515s, in the right size and wash.


But I did find Levi’s that I liked. Good fit, fabric, and wash. Done. Then I hit the MAC counter and got sweet-talked into some Russian Red lipstick. Adore the color, and it’s not quite as drying as the Ruby Woo. I love it. Forgive the entirely blown-out lighting in the photo below.


The bejeweled front of the shirt and my delicious new lipstick.

I definitely felt ready for Vegas. I wanted to hit the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum, but they weren’t open during times I could actually go. Instead, I settled for the Bettie Page stores at Caesars and the Miracle Mile. This time I had better luck than in San Diego, but I’ll save that for another post.

Farewell, Esther Williams

Yesterday I saw that Esther Williams passed away at 91. Athlete, actress, business woman…she managed to balance many different interests and enterprises long before the current round of  models/actresses/singers/clothing-jewelry-makeup designers. Her swimwear line is still going strong today. I want the 2-piece classic sheath in hibiscus peach. Striking and timeless.

Some photos:

Esther Williams with a lovely updo.

Esther Williams with a lovely updo.

Valentine greetings from Esther Williams

Valentine greetings from Esther Williams

Golden mermaid

Golden mermaid

A wonderful interview with Diane Sawyer from 2007–still graceful.

Thank you, Esther Williams, for your combination of beauty, brains, and business savvy. Godspeed.

For more photos, visit Lovely Rita’s blog. She’s assembled a wonderful collection.

Packing Apathy

Normally, I am a very prepared traveler. About a week before I leave, I start making a list of what I want to pack and start doing laundry to ensure that everything is clean and available. I run errands to buy everything I need for my trip. Two days before departure, I pack everything except my makeup and things I’ll need the day I leave. I have a system, and it works.

Except for this trip.

I actually have two back to back work trips coming up, and I’m completely unprepared.

Which kind of sucks, as I leave tomorrow morning and the only thing I’ve packed are pajamas and a belt. Not helpful for a business trip. Also, my go-to black strappy cute retro-feel heels have broken. Grrrr.

I’m going to go mow the lawn. Maybe outfits will magically appear in my head while I labor. Wish me luck.