Month: December 2013

Cool calendar

My friend Amy gave me a cool calendar that I really enjoyed this year: Gina Elise’s Pin-Ups for Vets 2013 calendar. All the proceeds from calendar sales support veterans’ healthcare programs. Gina’s organization also donates calendars to VA hospitals, veterans’ homes, and deployed troops to raise morale and show appreciation for their service. Very cool.

While calendars from previous years have included only photos of Gina Elise, this year’s version featured other models as well: Shannon and Sophie Tweed-Simmons, Tracy Tweed, sportscaster and NBA scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin and actress Meagan Tandy. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a pin-up lover in your life, this might be a nice start.

Some photos from the calendar:

The cover of Gina Elise's 2013 Pin-ups for Vets calendar. Playful and patriotic.

The cover of Gina Elise’s 2013 Pin-ups for Vets calendar. Playful and patriotic.

A cheery break from the dreariness of February!

A cheery break from the dreariness of February!

November...suitable Scorpio vibe.

November…suitable Scorpio vibe.

Order now and that’s one less gift you have to worry about. And it supports charity. What’s not to love?


Craft hack: 1920s head dress


My successful craft-hackery

One of the highlights of my work trip to Austin: a 1920s themed Christmas party. Good stuff.

Naturally, having to pack for a party away from home poses a challenge, but I was up for it. I had a dress that I’ve worn in the past that elicited comments that I looked like I stepped out of the ’20s. Perfect. Shoes? Easy. Hair? I got a quick trim to make the back of my bob a little sleeker, and felt almost ready.


I needed something else to really make everything pop. A quick trip to the craft store, a text to Bernadette, and a few glasses of wine later, I had a fabulous feathered hair adornment.

The supplies:

  • some sparkly tulle or netting
  • a barrette or pin curl clip
  • feathers
  • glue (hot or craft, your pick.)
  • a fancy clip earring
  • crystals and/or jewels.

The assembly:

Pick a few feathers–ideally, one long one and a few smaller ones. Arrange them until they look suitably dramatic, then gently glue them together. Hold them together with your pin curl clip while the glue dries. You want the clip close enough to the spot where you glued the feathers together to keep them properly arranged while they dry, but not so close that you glue the feathers to the clip yet.

Cut a piece of tulle or netting slightly larger than your feather arrangement. This will go behind the feathers.

Now glue the tulle to the barrette (or pin curl clip, if you chose that route) and let it dry. Use the fancy clip earring to hold together your feathers and the tulle. Glue some crystals or jewels to the tulle where it connects to the barrette. Let everything dry overnight, and you’re done!


The finished product on display.