Office makeover

Big news–I’ve accepted a new job! Also big news–I’ll be working entirely from home. My new company has no corporate offices; everyone works from home. As part of the transition, I’ve decided to redecorate my home office.

The room is an odd shape that has two little sort of nooks–I’ve been using one for reading and one for my desk. As part of the redesign, I’ve decided to swap them. Some of the drivers behind that decision:

  • Currently, you can see my desk from the hallway. If I move the desk to a place where I can’t see it every time I pass the room, I’m less likely to think about work when I’m not working. It’s a subtle attempt to maintain boundaries or work/life balance.
  • Better lighting. I currently sit by a window on the north side of the house–the other window in my office faces west and will give me more light during the day.
  • Less distracting wall space behind my head. I’ll be spending a lot of time in Skype meetings and video calls and want to make sure that I have a neutral background so the folks I’m talking to can focus on what I’m saying, not trying to figure out what’s on the shelf behind me, or squinting at the window coming out of my head.
My three Petty girls - blonde, brunette, and redhead.

You can see the color here behind my three Petty girls – it’s a deep eggplant, tough to photograph.

The biggest decision right now: paint. I LOVE the purple that I’ve had for years, but it’s just too dark. I want something lighter, brighter, and vivid; something that will energize me. Over the last few years, I’ve grown attached to vibrant greeny-blues. The kind of blues you’d find in vintage bathroom tile or a ’50s Chevy. Something kind of aqua but not too pastel, preferably with a tantalizing tropical sounding name.

Last night I stopped on the way home to collect some paint chips. It’s a competition between Behr’s Jamaican Sea and Bali Bliss right now. I dig the color directly underneath Jamaican Sea on the sample card, Blue Jewel, but I’m concerned that it would be too dark–not a significant improvement over the purple.

Here they are–I’m completely open to feedback. Tell me what you think.

I'm leaning toward Jamaican Sea.

I’m leaning toward Jamaican Sea.

One comment

  1. I’m blowing up your pinterest with sent pins. I have always wanted to paint a room in shades of teal, but haven’t had the opportunity. I was thinking about the interior front door, but for the sake of not clashing with the rest of my crazy space, an emerald shade would work better. I am ready with my painting gear if you want me!

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