A classic camera

Over the long weekend, Tim and I got to connect with our friend John Chaos. He and another friend joined us Saturday night for dinner and some vicious Cards Against Humanity, then we met up again on Sunday for bowling.

Part of Chaos’ charm is that he remembers things about people that you don’t expect him to. In his whirlwind trips to classic car shows, rockabilly riots, bowling alleys, flea markets, and other assorted mischief, he’ll pick up something just because it reminds him of someone.

On Saturday night, he surprised me with a very cool vintage camera, complete with carrying case:

So cool!

So cool!

Beautiful...both aesthetically and in condition.

Beautiful…both aesthetically and in condition.

I love the red around the Kodak name.

I love the red around the Kodak name.

When Chaos saw this camera, he recalled that I have a similar one. This one belonged to my grandmother; I have it on display in my office:

Vintage Kodak camera

My grandmother’s camera.

Now Norma’s camera has a companion to keep it company. Very cool. I’m also envisioning these as great props for a pin-up photo shoot.



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