Unexcused absence

Yeah, I’ve been slacking.

Not really.

I’ve been busy. Working, playing roller derby for a while, nursing a broken ankle, starting a new blog dedicated to my pagan journey… all kinds of random things that were not blogging here.

And now, I’m having a meltdown over public speaking.

In a few weeks, I’m speaking at a conference in Vegas. This wouldn’t be a big deal, except that I hate public speaking. A while ago I decided that this would be the year I pushed myself to do some things that I don’t love in an effort to grow/build character/that sort of thing. Ok. Fine. Public speaking. I’ve got this.

Except… I broke my ankle. Which doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the matter, but hear me out.

peacock dress

I did get this lovely dress from Heart of Haute, and I do have flats that will work with it.

I have amassed a wardrobe that helps me feel confident and professional and completely me. It’s part of my armor when I’m on the road. Fun dresses. Classic pencil skirts with pretty blouses and awesome heels. Funky vintage bags.


Awesome heels and a fractured ankle do not go together. And I HATE flat shoes. Especially with pencil skirts. Ugh. So, now I am freaking out over what to wear at this thing. Never mind the need for layers, because conferences are notorious for unpredictable temperatures – when a room fills up with people, it gets warm, when they file out at the end of the session, you freeze. And it’s Vegas, so I will be walking all over the place, which the ankle is going to LOVE.

Cue the quest for something retro-flavored, modern marketing professional, and not hideous with flats. I found navy blue linen-y pants. And shoes I don’t completely hate. And I have a few blouses that work with the pants so I can come up with a kind of forties nautical thing. Now I’m in search of that elusive top layer.

I have seven days.

Game on.


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