bikini breakdown

Bikini breakdown.

Why in god’s name you would sell a bathing suit top in sizes small, medium, and large, BUT NOT x-large when you sell the bottoms in XL???

Awesome striped bikini top by Mossimo. Photo (c)


I got a really cute bikini from Target, which I had to order online as the color I wanted was not available in stores. My other bikini top from the same brand is a large, so I thought I was safe, but alas, in this style top, the large is woefully inadequate. Like ridiculous amount of side boob and possible nipple exposure inadequate. Even my boob-loving husband conceded that the top might not be the best option for me. Cue return.

When I checked the website to explore my return/exchange options, I was really disappointed to see that I can’t get an XL. But I like the turquoise bottoms. So now I will have to crawl the internet for another cute black and white top that will¬†complement the portion of the bathing suit that successfully covers my backside.

Wish me luck. Grrr…..