car show

A great time at the car show

TPK Banner

That’s me posing. B did a great job on my banner!

We had a great time at the car show yesterday and I actually made a few sales. I consider it a successful first outing. Bernadette and I went early to set up, then Tim and Lucas met us an hour or so later. They all said my booth looked great, but also had suggestions for next time to make it even more eye-catching. I came away with some good ideas. I talked to a few of the other vendors–Tim bought some records from the guy next to us and my mom bought me a book and a purse. Chaos set up next to us with his ’58 Oldsmobile Ninety-eight and great artwork. Throughout the day he pointed out people wearing t-shirts he designed for various car shows, which was kind of fun.

Chaos's car

John Chaos set up next to us.

A little while after the judges awarded the trophies, they were looking for pin-ups to pose with the winning cars. Someone walked by my booth and said, “There’s one!” and asked me to pose with two other girls – I was flattered. So at some point, my picture will be on the 100 Percent Kulture website.

While I spent most of my time at my booth, I did wander around with my mom, aunt and uncle for a few minutes to look at some of the cars. Some of my favorites:

Canary yellow Dodge

This canary yellow Dodge.

I love this shade of blue.

This car was parked right in front of my table for a while until another space opened up.

Our friend Brian's Oldsmobile

Our friend Brian’s Oldsmobile.

Overall, I had a great time. I definitely look forward to doing more car shows in the future–especially once I find Matilda and have my own classic car.

hubcap photo

Tim takes a photo of our reflection in the hubcap of Chaos’ car.


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

I’m almost ready for my first ever live event, a car show at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester on Sunday. I’ve priced everything, figured out how to display all my compacts and sundries, and procured a cash box and cool swipe thing for my phone so I can take credit cards. The banner that Brazen Bernadette designed for me arrived and looks awesome. I have selected an outfit.

Tim has confirmed that our friend John Chaos of Eldorado Rampage notoriety will be there with his ’58 Oldsmobile 98. We have several other firends who may show up, with or without hot rods. Ralph’s usually has awesome bands in the parking lot during this thing, so I’m looking forward to hearing some good music. I’m also excited about seeing all the amazing cars and starting to talk to people about finding my ’40 Dodge, even though I won’t have the money for her for a while. Building connections now can’t hurt.

On Saturday, Bernadette and I will do a sweep of local shops to see if there’s anything I MUST HAVE for the show, pilfer display ideas, and generally have mischief together.

My banner, merchandise and cash box are all ready to go.

Bernadette is concerned that I don’t have enough stuff to sell. I have no such fear. (I know the photo above is going to alarm her  even more because you can’t see the tote underneath the books or the second one above the cash box, both of which are PACKED). Now all that’s left to do is iron my tablecloth, find a suitable backdrop for the easy-up, and print two small signs. I’m ready.


Sometimes I realize I haven’t been blogging as much as I think I should. Then I think about why I started blogging to begin with: to connect with people over a love of vintage. Especially vintage compacts, which I hope the occasional reader will buy from my website. Blogging is a creative outlet. It needs to be fun–not something that adds pressure to my already hectic life.

Typically, I’ve got multiple blog posts in progress. Some require research or photos, which I may or may not have time for. Other times, I have no idea what to write about, so I go poke around and read other blogs looking for inspiration. Right now I’m working on a guest post for Rachael over at LOTS: she’s got a series from bloggers who collect and hey, that’s me.

Sometimes I realize I’ve been so busy blogging and reading blogs and commenting and pinning and tweeting that I haven’t done much with, which was the whole reason I started blogging to begin with. 🙂 Right now, I’ve got to photograph a bunch of inventory and code a few pages. Plus I’m getting ready for my first ever live event, a car show at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester in May. While it’s still almost two months off, I’ve got a lot to do. I need to go buy a cash box and receipts book and figure out how to display prices. Brazen Bernadette is designing a banner for me. I need to write copy for some cool thank you/compact care cards, which B will designify.

I’m super-excited about the Ralph’s show not just because it’s an awesome place and my first event and our friend Chaos goes every year and Bernadette will hang out with me. Tim and I are thrilled that my mom and Uncle Norman might come. I don’t get to see my family nearly as much as I’d like, and when I do, it’s usually at someone’s house. So getting to see people in a different setting and having my mom see this crazy compact stuff that she encouraged is special.

Other times I’m quiet because my day job got crazy and took the love out of writing. Or I want to spend time with Tim to make sure he knows that as much as I love writing and compacts and vintage stuff, he’s more important.

Trying to find the right mix. I think I’m pretty close.