cherry necklace

chrome cake dish

My mother’s visit in photos


Green depression glass juicer

When my mom arrived yesterday afternoon, she brought me a lovely green depression glass juicer she found in her attic.

We had sandwiches, then headed out for some antiquing. At our first stop, we evaluated some reference books on vintage jewelry. My mother has discovered a ton of jewelry in her attic, mostly Coro, and wants to know more about it. While she didn’t find a book that jumped out at her, I found one packed with photos of hats, handbags, compacts, belts, jewelery, sunglasses, and other accessories.


My buys: Vintage Fashion Accessories and three compacts.

I also bought three compacts: one by Volupte, another by Cara Nome, and one with no maker’s mark but interior construction and details exactly like my mystery compact. The mate to my mystery compact has wonderful artwork of a butterfly on the lid. My original intent was to keep the butterfly and resell the other two pieces, but the Cara Nome presents a collecting dilemma I’ll discuss later this week: I seem to have accumulated a set.

One of the clerks at the shop offered my mother some good information about replacing stones in vintage jewelry. The rhinestones available now have flat backs, while the stones used in vintage pieces are faceted. The color also varies. To match color and appearance accurately, my mom should sacrifice one old piece of jewelry that’s beyond repair and use those stones to replace missing ones in other pieces.

This shop also had a gorgeous plastic cherry necklace. Sadly, I don’t have an extra $235 lying around. Lovely, but not a purchase I can justify at this point in life. The next shop we visited was more crowded. I saw a lady head vase I liked, but my mother rolled her eyes at it and pointed out that I’d already bought a bunch of things, so that may be a purchase for another day.

head vase

Lady head vase

cherry necklace

Cherry necklace.

When we finished poking around there, we headed to the liquor store where we sampled some ginger liqueur. Delicious! I may buy some next time Tim and I have a special event or extra space in our liquor cabinet.

Then we headed back to my house and I frosted the chocolate cake I baked in honor of my mother’s birthday. To keep the cake safe from inquisitive cats, I put it in my vintage chrome cake dish–a present my mother bought me years ago.  

chrome cake dish

chrome cake dish.

Then Tim and I made dinner for my mom: baked stuffed scallops, green beans sauteed with diced ham, cashews, and a teeny bit of duck fat, and a baby greens salad with blood orange vinaigrette. Tim did a wonderful job of making sure everything was on track and ready to serve at the same time. My mom enjoyed dinner. Afterwards, we had a vicious three-man game of Scrabble. The secret to beating my mother? Keep refilling her wine glass. We finished up with coffee and cake, then went to bed.


GE electric percolator.

This morning: a reason to break out my percolator. Tim’s making my mother a loaf of bread while we fuel up to start the day’s adventures.