I’m back!

Yes, I have been woefully absent from the blog lately.

But I have a good reason – I’ve been job-searching. My efforts paid off and I landed a new position – I’ll start November 19, the week of Thanksgiving. I’m really excited. And nervous. And all those other things that go with major life transitions.

Speaking of transitions, my family is selling off the homestead. My grandfather built the house in 1949. My mom and her siblings gew up there, then my mother and I moved back in with my grandmother in 1985 after my folks got divorced, my grandfather died, and it made sense for us to combine households. It’s sad, but at the same time, preparing to sell the house means I get to go through all kinds of things and explore the memories attached to them.

And I get my grandmother’s sewing machine. It’s a Singer from 1951, complete with the instruction manual. Do I have any idea how to sew? No. But I’m looking forward to learning. To help me along the journey, I have a wonderful set of books that my mother found in her attic: a series of 12 books that made up a dressmaking course offered by the Women’s Institue of Domestic Arts and Sciences. They’ve got very clear instructions, as well as great photos and illustrations:

essential stitches

Table of contents from “First Steps in Dressmaking”


Illustrations demonstrating how to make patterns.

I have no idea when I’ll find time to start learning to sew, but it’s probably a good winter activity. I’m sure I’ll have tons of sewing disasters to share in this space soon.