home remedies

Retro remedies

I suffer from terrible spring allergies. Typically from the first signs of spring until mid-June, I sneeze, itch, and wipe my nose constantly. Obviously, it’s not pretty. Sadly, allergy drugs offer little relief. While I’m going to see an allergist this afternoon, yesterday I was so itchy I couldn’t think straight. I turned to the internet in search of instant relief.

What did people do before over-the-counter drugs became ubiquitous and every malady required a visit to a different medical specialist? Or, what wacky thing would my grandmother have made me do to get rid of the itch?

Norma was a huge fan of vile liquid concoctions, so any remedy requiring me to drink something nasty already has some credibility in my book.

For itching, it’s apple cider vinegar mixed with water, apparently. About 2 tablespoons vinegar to 8 ounces of water. Yup. Tastes nasty. But later in the day, I felt less itchy. Psychosomatic? Maybe. More comfortable and focused? Definitely.

While I’m mixing up more vinegar, what are your favorite tried and true home remedies?