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Tips + Tricks from ’46

Some housekeeping tricks from the summer 1946 issue of The Homemaker:

Tips + Tricks

Cooking, beauty, man care, pest elimination…all covered here.

While some of these tips are familiar, such as using lemon juice to prevent pared fruit from turning brown, many of them were new to me. I’m not sure I want to put cucumber rind on my floors at night to eliminate ants, but it’s an interesting tip. I really wonder who discovered that ants dislike cucumber peels? And how did she convince her friends to try? Do you think the editors of The Homemaker tested all these tips before publication? How many magazine staffers had cucumber peels adorning their floors?

This issue of the magazine also featured an article on how to make some cute summer clothes from bandanas. Much more practical than spreading vegetable peels across your domicile.

bandanna dressbandana patternsThese outfits really appeal to me…someday, when I learn to sew, these will be some of the first items I attempt.  If any seamstresses out there  make these, I’d love to see how they come out.