new job

Not vintage: new job rituals

I start my new job today.

I’m excited. And nervous. And ready.

I was a girl scout for ages –long after it stopped being cool–which has left me with a tendency to be SUPER ULTRA PREPARED. My new work bag has a sewing kit, Tide pen, myriad office supplies, tissues, allergy drugs, lip balm, and picture of Tim. In a few minutes I’ll make myself a peanut butter sandwich and make sure I have some cash, because you can never predict the lunch situation. Some friends have explained the Law of Constant Arrival Times, so I understand that my new commute means that if I leave my house at any point during a particular hour-long window,  I will arrive at the same time. Interesting.

Time to go remove manky old nail polish and iron my pants. Did I mention I’ve had my first-day outfit picked out for two weeks?


Moving on.

So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve accepted a new job. It’s kind of a big deal for me – it’s with a well-known marketing company that serves Fortune 500 customers. I’ll be designing and executing marketing programs to create demand for the company’s B2B services. I’ll have the word “Senior” in my title. None of which my grandmother would understand, but my mom assures me she’d be proud if she were still around to see it.

The hard part: working out my notice.  I am completely, totally utterly distracted. While I’m doing my best to make life easier for the folks who will remain with my current employer, I’d love to fast-forward to my first day at the new place. I’m planning beauty treatments and shopping excursions and all kinds of stuff to help me look and feel my best when I start (OK, so I’ll probably hold off on buying clothes until I’ve been there a few weeks and get a sense of how people dress–uber professional? Business casual? Other?).

The only part I don’t want to fast-forward through: getting to spend the last days working with some really kick-ass women. While none of them read this blog, I still want to recognize them:

Pam, VP product management. She’s smart, warm, sincere, and passionate about what she does. She’s a great presenter and really approachable.

Stephanie, director of product marketing. Another ridiculously smart woman. I also admire her determination and pragmatism in working through tough situations.

Karen the consultant. A working mom who travels a lot, she’s incredibly easy-going and patient. She understands people and realizes that sometimes, even when you know the answer, you have to let people work it out for themselves (But that doesn’t mean you can’t nudge them gently along the way).

Sharon, VP sales operations. She’s a tough cookie. The woman has high standards and holds people accountable–including herself.

And then of course, there are the women from my department who I work with daily (or worked with, like Julie, the wonderfully irreverent woman who hired me and Donna, the saucy PR pro). They each have their own special charm (some more charming than others, of course). But overall, it’s been a good experience and I’m glad I got the chances I did. Now I’m looking forward to finding a new crop of role models.

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected places. Who makes you think, “She GETS it. I’m going to do THAT next time.”?