plaid pencil skirt

Plaid, plaid, plaid

I have long been a fan of plaid. Especially plaid skirts. But this morning I realized that none of the plaid skirts in my wardrobe are PENCIL skirts, and I am all about the pencil skirt.

I need to remedy this situation.

I have it in my head (probably erroneously) that sewing is easy.

I have never sewed on a machine, ever. But I’ve got my grandmother’s Singer from 1951, complete with manual, and I’ve looked at multiple pencil skirts and I keep thinking, it can’t be that hard. Measure, cut, pin, stitch. Right? We’ll see. In the meantime, I’ve been on a pinning frenzy.

Like this gorgeous number from Lipstick & Curls:

plaid pencil skirt

Gorgeous. Everything about this is gorgeous.

I’m also admiring many of Jessica from Chronically Vintage’s lovely plaid dresses, though I suspect those are considerably harder to make. Another one. Off to trim my bangs, go vote, and look for plaid pencil skirts.